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1. Experience: Over the past 31 years, Mr. Benson has helped over 1,400 clients with their estate planning needs. Christopher A. Benson is rated as “10.0” by among all lawyers in the United States. We have worked hard for many years to achieve that level of excellence and we are very proud of our national rating.

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4. Convenience: Mr. Benson is admitted to practice law in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Arizona and has office locations in all 4 states. The Law Offices of Christopher A. Benson offers you the option to meet with Mr. Benson in person OR we can handle everything over the telephone so that you never need to leave your house in order to get your plan done.

5. We provide you with a lot of free information and videos so that you can learn about Peace of Mind Estate Planning. Watch the Short Videos below for additional Free Information about the Peace of Mind Planning we provide.

At some point, every person will need and use their estate planning documents. Estate Planning has very little to do with wealth. It is about providing you Peace of Mind knowing that you have taken care of the legal documents to help control the events that occur in everyone’s lifetime.

Please read the rest of this page for Free Information on how to get started. We are here to accomplish your goals and give you Peace of Mind starting today.

Please Watch Our Video on the Top 3 Mistakes That Divorced People Make When It Comes to Their Estate Plans:

Top Financial Advisers such as Suzie Orman and Dave Ramsey highly recommend that people have the proper estate planning tools such as a revocable living trust, wills and powers of attorney.

As we all know, things change over time and a lot of things improve.

For example, there was a time when cars did not have seat belts. Now, everyone knows that wearing a seat belt while driving in a car is a great idea and can prevent and/or reduce risk of injury.

The same is true concerning estate planning. Having a Will is a good idea. However, a Will by itself does not handle everything that comes up in a person’s life.

Most people also need a medical power of attorney, financial power of attorney HIPAA Health care release, Directive to Physicians and/or a Trust (if you want to avoid a Court Probate and/own real estate and or have a blended family and or a special needs beneficiary).

This is where preparing a complete estate plan comes in. You need all the legal tools because having only one tool won’t do every job. For most people, there is a better way to do things now.

It is easy to get your estate plan completed with our firm (just read our reviews). Give us a call and set up your free initial consultation: (253) 815-6940 x 701.

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