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There are 3 Ways in Washington to Avoid Foreclosure. The common question we are asked is “How Can I Save My House? OR How Can I Get Out From Under My House?”

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  1. Filing Chapter 13 (to save the house and stop foreclosure);
  2. Filing Chapter 7 (to get out from under your house, stop foreclosure temporarily and live in the house while other housing exploring options); and
  3. Filing a lawsuit against the lender and the trustee conducting the sale to obtain an injunction to prevent the foreclosure. RCW 61.24.130
Each method has different benefits and timelines.

By filing for Chapter 13 or filing for Chapter 7, a Federal Automatic Stay goes into effect immediately upon filing your case with the bankruptcy court. This automatically stops a foreclosure.

By filing a lawsuit against your lender, you have to apply to the Court for a Temporary Restraining Order and a Permanent Injunction. You have to provide evidence of “good cause” why the Court should stop the sale and why a trial is necessary to resolve issues.

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