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Five-Star Client Reviews & Testimonials for Attorney Christopher A. Benson.

Over the past 28 years of our law firm, we have handled a wide variety of cases. Estate Planning, Probates, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Due to high client demand, we have now limited our new client cases to 3 Main areas:

  1. Estate Planning (Revocable Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Wills, Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney etc);
  2. Probate
  3. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Stopping Garnishments and Stopping Creditor harassment.

We take pride in providing high quality legal representation for our clients. Over the past 28 years and more than 3,000 clients, We have worked hard to make sure that each and every client is treated with respect in a professional manner in order to help the client achieve their goals. Whether that is providing Estate Planning to make sure family assets are protected or handling a probate for a family member that has passed away or stopping creditor harassment, stopping lawsuits, stopping foreclosures or stopping garnishments.

Whatever your legal needs, we are here to listen and help any way we can. Call (253) 815-6940, or use our quick form or send Chris a question via email at

Below are a few of our client reviews that can be found on either or on Google.

Estate Planning Testimonials

Posted on Avvo March 12, 2019
“Christopher is knowledgeable, honest and straight forward. He cared for us as his clients. He gave confident explanations of our legal documents, so we can follow his directions for completing the Living Trust. Christopher was fast and efficient, we believe he is an asset to Estate Planning.”
Jim & Donna

Posted on Google Reviews December 14, 2018
“Christopher Benson was a pleasure to work with. He assessed our needs, answered all of our questions about wills and trusts, and helped us to plan for our future needs. I am pleased that we have a plan for our children in place. I recommend him as an estate lawyer.”
Lisa D.

December 11, 2018
“We don’t have any experience with this sort of thing, but Christopher Benson has helped us with our estate planning setting up a trust and we feel confident he did a good job. He was very professional and answered our questions. We were really not sure what all needs to get done or what questions to ask at the time of the estate planning because it can become overwhelming, but he was even able to answer our questions after the process was completed months later.”
Henry and Becky

Posted on AVVO October 20, 2018
“Mr. Benson helped us set up an estate plan to meet our specific needs and showed us how to maintain it. We had some revisions we wanted to make shortly after initially meeting with him, and he was happy to help us out in the easiest way for us.”

Posted on October 18, 2018
Kudos for Christopher Benson
“Needed an estate plan, mostly to guide my son so that when I pass away he can easily avoid the notorious pitfalls of taking the helm. Chris has created an estate plan that covers everything and in the sensible order that is required. I am so pleased with everything that was done for me. I can now relax and not worry. Great experience! Thank you Chris”

Posted on Google Reviews October 12, 2018
“I am very impressed with Law Office of Christopher A. Benson. Mr. Benson helped me set up Living Trust.The whole process was smooth and fast. He is professional, knowledgeable and personable. I really appreciate his help and highly recommend him to anyone needing legal advice. Thank you Mr. Benson!”
Alina B.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

5 Star Client Review Posted on June 4, 2019

None better

Chris Benson is very knowledgeable, considerate, and polite so after leaving his office the first time I relaxed that finally my affairs were in good hands and that my future would be brighter. He treated me respectfully so I wasn’t ashamed of where I had ended up financially. At the courthouse he had the respect of all those that were involved which spoke well of his relationship with his peers. I can’t imagine there is another attorney out there that could have done a better job or that I could have respected more.

Posted on Google Reviews October 9, 2018
“I have just completed my Chapter 13, and received my notice of discharge. I am VERY pleased with the service of Christopher Benson and his staff. I was treated with respect, as well as having all my questions explained in “understandable” terms. I would highly recommend his office to anyone in need of assistance with debt/bankruptcy issues. In my opinion, there is no one better. All communication has always been done in a timely manner, and with full explanations. I went in with several reservations, but all my concerns and fears were quickly settled in person with Christopher.”
Edward C.

Posted on Avvo October 6, 2018
“We recently decided that we needed to get our estate in order and Chris Benson was recommended to us. We found him to be very knowledgeable and able to make a rather complex subject easy to understand. All the paperwork required for our trust and will was complete. We definitely recommend him if you need help planning your estate.”
Norm and Kris

Posted on Google Reviews September 10, 2018
“Chris took care of all our estate planning. He’s very personable and made the process so quick and easy for us! We’ll gladly refer him to anyone in need of legal services!”
Adam B.

Posted on Avvo August 23, 2018
Excellent estate attorney was also close by!

“Totally knowledgeable and thorough, but easy to understand and work with. Prompt and professional with a sense of humor as well. So glad we had him to update our wills to a trust and put our minds at ease before our cruise. Very highly recommended.”
A satidfied Client

Posted on Avvo August 8, 2018
“He made the process of estate planning uncomplicated. With a few sessions he had our documents and a road map to finish the process. We really appreciated his down to earth approach. I would recommend him to anyone needing the same services.”
Linda & Mel

Posted on Avvo July 19, 2018
“I had a free consultation, he explained what I needed, going forward with the plan, and in two more appointments, my trust was finished. He was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable, and I was more than satisfied.”

Posted on AVVO June 19, 2018
“Chris has always been more than accommodating. He makes me feel as though I’m his only client or possibly his most important client… He goes beyond performing the normal services and always offers options and solutions. He has taken such a burden off my shoulders in an estate issue… He’s not only given me direction and a solution… but a feeling of his personal involvement in my situation… he is very personal and interested in MY issues. I can’t recommend him too highly… he has a way of solving issues while giving an abundance of comfort….”

Posted on AVVO May 8, 2018
Excellent choice for Estate Planning

“I was looking for an attorney to handle revising the Estate Plan for my mother as well as setting up new plans for myself and my significant other. Initially, we met with a different attorney and it was obvious that it would not be a good match for us. After doing some research, we found Mr. Benson’s web site and were immediately impressed with the presentation and relevant information. We watched Mr. Benson’s estate planning video on YouTube: Estate Planning and Probate Explained in 7 Minutes by Estate Planning Attorney Christopher A. Benson and the video explained the process and how to proceed.

When we showed up at the office, we were pleased to find that what we saw in the video carried through in person. Mr. Benson is punctual, professional and thorough. He explained the process in easy to understand terms and answered all of our questions patiently. He took the time to explain things to each of us, sometimes rephrasing the answer until everyone had a good understanding of the process.

We proceeded with Mr. Benson asking specific questions to set up the individual requirements for each estate plan and scheduled the next meeting. Mr. Benson collected all of the information he needed during the interview and there were no forms to take away to fill out and return.

When we reconvened, all of the documents were completed and in individual binders ready for signature. He took the time to go over each section, explain the purpose and answer all of our questions. You complete the procedure by keeping the original signed and notarized documents as well as an electronic copy.

Mr. Benson is a very experienced attorney his approach to Estate Planning is to simplify the process and make it understandable. His fee structure is fair and very reasonable.

I recommend his services without reservation for anyone seeking initial Estate Planning or reviewing and revising an existing one.”

Posted on AVVO April 25, 2018
Chris Benson, the best there is in the business

“Chris was recommended through my investment counselor. He could not have recommended anyone better. His work on our behalf was second to none, in fact, it is stupendous. We could not be more pleased, and feel completely informed and safe now because of his great work.”

Posted on Google April 18, 2018
“My husband and I have such peace of mind after completing our estate planning with Christopher Benson! We now have a trust set up, along with all the other necessary documents in an organized Estate Planning Notebook. The process was as painless as possible and completed in less than two weeks after our free initial consultation. During the consultation, Mr. Benson outlined the process and answered all of our questions. When we returned to sign our documents, he went through each section of the notebook, further answering questions and clarifying each document. He has thought of everything you might possibly need, and a notebook is a concise tool where all critical information and documents can be easily accessed when difficult situations inevitably arise. We were so impressed with the efficient, streamlined process! We highly recommend the Law Offices of Christopher Benson to make sure you are well prepared for the future!”
Maria S.

Posted on AVVO April 17, 2018
“Christopher A. Benson helped me with my Estate planning. I found his law office via internet search and lucked out. The initial consultation was free and I walked away from it feeling that I would be in good hands. Every question I had was answered and addressed in detail. The actual appointment went seamless as all pertinent paperwork had already been prepared by Mr. Benson and his staff. I had dreaded tackling this necessary chore of planning ahead, trying to cover all bases, assigning beneficiaries, setting up a trust, etc. – but it was made easy for me as Mr. Benson explained every step of the process and set up all required documents. The atmosphere was relaxed – there was never a rush – and I left the office with a load off my mind. I would recommend this Law Office to anyone who is looking for help with their Estate planning.”

Posted on March 9, 2018
“Great place. Chris and Cindy are so helpful and always available. I am kind of an annoying person and ask a lot of questions and I never once felt that they were rude or irritated. I have referred 3 other people to him and they all have the same experience. extremely recommended!”
Brian G.

Posted on February 22, 2018
“My husband and I worked with Mr. Christopher A. Benson for our Estate Planning. He explains everything clearly for us to understand. I would recommend him to my friends and family to hire him in the future.”

Posted on December 18, 2017
“Chris took the time to explain my legal issue clearly and what specifically needed to be handled in the courts to resolve my particular issue. He handled my action quickly and was prepared all along the way for document signing and court filing processes. He also handled estate planning for me and consulted with me to make sure that my estate planning was going to meet my particular needs.”

Posted on Google November 3, 2017:
“Friendly and patient answers to all our questions. Would highly recommend Christopher”
John H.

Posted on September 27, 2017
Excellent Service and very knowledgable

“Chris did an excellent job explaining the benefits of establishing a trust for our wealth and estate planning. He covered every consideration we had from how to protect our assets, establishing a trust, power of attorney, and living Wills. He also explained things we had not thought of which included healthcare and end of life considerations. He used examples to ensure we had a grasp on the topics and answered our questions effectively leaving us with the understanding we were in good hands. He further explained how to change our accounts to the trust and place any new assets into it. Chris also uses technology efficiently. All the documents we covered and signed were in a binder for us to take home and he emailed us an electronic copy before our meeting concluded.”

Posted on September 24, 2017
“Chris helped us setup our estate as a trust. He was very helpful in explaining the advantages in doing a trust rather than having to use probate. He was professional, reasonably priced and took care of everything in about 2 hours. He also helped to educate us on maintaining the trust so we could do it on our own.”
Happy Client

Posted on September 11, 2017
“We were referred to Christopher from a lawyer friend who we love but doesn’t do wills. We were not let down!

First, I had a free consultation with Christopher where he explained why we didn’t just want a will, but why a trust would be better for our age (early 30s) and family situation (married, 1 child). A month later, my husband and I were in his office signing documents for our trust.

We liked Christopher because:

  • He was clear! He said he’d do anything we liked but walked us through why trust was the best option for us. Sure enough, we agreed and had no problem making that decision.
  • He was smart! He explained other options and what-if scenarios for the future (e.g., if we bought property in other states as investments), as well as how we could easily move our existing accounts (like 401ks) into our trust.
  • He was concise! Who wants to spend a ridiculous amount of time signing documents or talking about law? Not us.
  • He was super friendly! I’m always appreciative of someone who knows their trade but doesn’t talk down to me, and Christopher was that lawyer. He was also accommodating, as we brought our newborn to both meetings, and told stories about his love of the Seahawks and his sweet family. We also liked that although we paid more for a trust than simply wills (which makes sense, since our son’s guardianship, our finances, and our living wills are all included in the trust!), we now get to call Christopher “our” lawyer and can add or subtract things from our trust on an ongoing basis free of charge.

Overall, we’d recommend Christopher without any hesitation.”
S. Hagan

Posted on July 12, 2017
Excellent Experience for Estate Planning

“Chris made the estate planning process very simple, easy and affordable. I am recommending him to my friends and family.”

Posted on June 16, 2017

“This was a wonderful experience. At a time in our lives that we needed to have a POA and Health directives as well as a family trust. It was a personally emotional time and Christopher Benson was so Kind and Understanding. He did and excellent Job, I would highly recommend him. When we went in for the final appointment, he had everything done and waiting for signatures. Much easier than I was expecting. I would give more stars if I could!
Friendly and Professional”

Posted on June 6, 2017
“During our final appointment when we were reviewing and signing our Family Trust paperwork, we needed to make a critical change to the information. It required redrafting almost 15 different pages; Chris simply smiled and said “no problem.” While his assistant made the changes, he continued with our appointment, and when she returned with the updated pages, he slipped them into place while he continued with his review, carefully explaining every detail and answering every question. The way he handled this interruption was indicative of the entire process. He was calm, friendly, patient, organized, and thorough. And he made sure to invite us to contact him in the future for any changes or questions we might have. If any family or friends ever need an estate planning or bankruptcy attorney, we will be sending them to Christopher. Great lawyer; even nicer person.”

Trust/Will Planning

Posted on June 6, 2017
“Christopher Benson did and excellent job explaining and creating a trust/will for my wife and me. Probate For Husband Who Passed Away Suddenly”

Posted on May 15, 2017
“My husband passed away suddenly last year and my family was devastated. I had no idea what to do or where to begin in dealing with his estate and all of the details. I saw the ad for Christopher Benson when I googled lawyers in Federal Way. I read some of his reviews and took a chance. I was a mess when I walked into his office for the first time, so scared of the process. He was so confident and reassuring that everything was going to be okay. He took over from there and took me step by step through the process. He explained everything in detail and let me know next steps well in advance. The estate is now closed and everything worked out as he said it would.

If I had to do it again, I would still hire and trust Christoper Benson, he has earned my trust.”

Posted on April 11, 2017
“We recently contacted Chris to do an update to our will and other estate planning documents. It had been several years since we originally had met with Chris to establish our estate plan, and it was time to make some updates due to life events. Chris did a review of our existing plan, and offered some suggestions of updates that we hadn’t previously considered, which we incorporated into our plan. The process went very smooth, and we are very happy with the support and service we received from Chris. I appreciate that he takes the time to understand our goals for estate planning, and makes sure those goals are met. We would gladly recommend Chris to anyone seeking a good attorney.”

Posted on March 16, 2017
“Chris help us set up a trust and associated POA, medical directives, etc. He’s personable and was able to answer questions that we had. I had some experience with estate planning and trusts with my mother and Chris made a couple of great suggestions for our trust that I had not thought of prior to our consult with him. He indicates that follow up questions and amendments are included so I’m looking forward working with him in the future.”

Will and Trust

Posted on March 9, 2017
“Christopher and staff were very friendly and makes feel ease. Informative, explained thoroughly. I felt I known him long time even I met him first time. I set up my trust, now I have a peace of mind. Thank you!”

Posted on February 9, 2017
I am so glad we found Chris

“We are from out of country, only visited Seattle for short period of time. Chris had all our documents ready before our visit, he was very efficient, knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. He is 5 star lawyer to us, I am so glad we found him. Thank you!”
Joanna Chen

posted on December 6, 2016
Great estate planning attorney

“I don’t often write business reviews but wanted to share the excellent experience we had using Chris Benson for our estate planning needs. He was friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. After consulting with him we determined a trust was our best option and were immensely pleased with how he guided us through the process and took care of many of the details himself. A bonus is that it only took two appointments – the first for consultation and the second for signing. We left after signing the paperwork with clear direction on the additional details we needed to tend to, which wasn’t much at all. We happen to be a same sex married couple but would recommend him to ANY couple, individual or family needing help with estate planning. The cost was also reasonable, although the peace of mind he provided is priceless.”

Posted on Google November 16, 2016
Revocable Living Trust, Wills, Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Real Estate Deed

Christopher Benson and his staff were friendly, informative, and respectful of our time. The process (in our case setting up a trust) was very smooth and efficient.

Posted on AVVO October 20, 2016
“Christopher Benson understood what my wife and I were needing when we first visited him. We explained what was going on in our lives, for the need to update our wills, power of attorneys for personal and medical care. When we walked out on our first visit we had an appointment for the following week. Our next visit Christopher had all the documents laid out and went over all aspects of the estate planning. The Binder/documents were well organized and very easy to follow as we went thru the signing process. It was well worth our time to have this completed as soon as we could. If there are any updates that will be needed in the future, the office will be able to pull a copy of the estate planning documents and make the necessary changes. If on travel and you need a copy of one of your documents you can call his office and they will send you a copy of what you are needing. This was well worth the time for my wife and I to have this issue taken care of. Thanks again.”

Posted on Google October 13, 2016
Estate Planning and Family Trust

“Chris is honest, down to earth and doesn’t sugar coat anything. That’s the type of attorney we were looking for while putting together our will. He explained everything in depth and spent a lot of time with us addressing other concerns we had. The staff is accommodating and friendly. Chris will be our attorney for life.”
Katrina S.

Posted on Avvo September 29, 2016
“Chris Benson set up our trust and will. It was such a relief to get this done and Chris made it easy and pain free. Definitely recommend.”

Posted on September 8, 2016
“Flexible scheduling to get our paperwork completed before an important trip. Appreciate the friendly staff and professional service. Very happy with the experience!”

Posted on May 2, 2016
“My husband and I are completely satisfied with the help we received in setting up out trust. Mr. Benson took the time to answer all our questions and provided excellent legal services. We enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him.”

Posted on March 18, 2016
“My wife and I just retired and relocated to state of Washington. Our revocable trust was originally set up in California and needed to be updated including placing our new residence in our trust. We retained Christopher Benson to update our trust and was able to complete it in two visits to his office for a reasonable price. Christopher walked us through the entire process with detailed explanations and advice and as a bonus we got a lot if interesting information about what to see and do in our new home state. We recommend him to others without reservation.”
Butch R.

Posted on February 26, 2016
“When I walked into the office of Christoper I was very nervous and stressed out over my financial situation and for years it had been haunting me. After my first meeting, I have to say I walked out with a sense of relief that I will get my life back! and Cindy was very helpful answering all my questions over the phone.”
A. Hernandez

Family Trust

Posted on February 1, 2016
“Christopher Benson and staff set up my father’s family, and my family trust. We have referred other people to him as well.
My father passed 5 years ago and Mr. Benson and staff were very helpful in walking us through getting everything in the trust settled.
My husband and I setup our trust with Mr. Benson 9 years ago. I have over the years called Diane his assistant for help and advice and she has always willingly and cheerfully helped me. After 9 years this is going above and beyond the call of duty.
Thank you, Mr. Benson and Diane I appreciate all you have done for my family.”

Posted on December 23, 2015
Estate Plan incl trust, healthcare directive, etc.

“I became ill while out of town and by the time I made it to Christopher’s free consultation, I was very weak and had lost over 20 pounds. I feared I may have cancer and my wife and I needed an up to date estate plan ASAP. Christopher came thru in flying colors and had everything prepared for us to sign in only a week and fit us in just before Christmas for signing. As a bonus, he also discovered that the rental property owned by my wife and her sister was not titled in a manner which would leave my wife’s half of the house to our daughter upon her death- and he fixed that at the same time. THANKS SOOO MUCH CHRIS!”

Posted on 12/8/15
“From the moment we met Chris he was very knowledgeable and patient with us. We wanted to set up our financial papers and weren’t quite sure what we needed. We walked out with a binder of all our papers and a burden lifted off our shoulders. Thank you.”

Posted on December 1, 2015
“I was so confused about how to handle my bankruptcy, let alone how to start the process. Mr. Benson made me feel so at ease given my circumstances by taking the reigns and getting started. With one quick visit and one follow up I was in court with Mr. Benson by my side every step. He got the job done and now I am able to move on and rebuild my financial life! Thank you Christopher!”

Wills and Trusts
“We had many questions in regards to setting up our Will/Trust, and Mr. Benson answered them patiently, making sure we understood, and knew what was needed and why. He is very knowledgeable, and the entire process was quick, efficient and painless. We would highly recommend Mr. Benson for your legal needs.”

Excellent Experience: I recommend Christopher Benson.
“Chris is extremely knowledgeable in the are of Estate Planning. Although we don’t have a large estate we were concerned about leaving things in order for ourselves and our children. Chris was wonderful and treated us as if we were his most important clients. I would highly recommend him any time.”

Posted on August 18, 2015
Very satisfied customer
“We went to him to have our wills updated and he explained the downside of the wills we had. He also took the time to explain to us what would be a much better option for what we were looking to do. There was no pressure to choose between a will and a trust. We chose the trust and he took the time to go over everything in that trust with us and answered all of the questions we had. He is very professional and has a lot of integrity. We were really impressed by him. Much like having a good friend giving you good advice. We will certainly go back to him if we have need of his services in the future and we highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great lawyer.”

Gives me peace of mind
“I searched for a lawyer as I didn’t know where to go, being new to Federal Way. Christopher Benson’s name came up with very good reviews that sounded authentic. I asked for an appointment with him and got it immediately. I was considering changing my Will to a Trust. I don’t have much assets but I’m concern about the possibility of leaving some problems to my family when I’m gone. I had a lot of questions about my existing Will that bothered me. Chris addressed all my questions and explained very well what I needed to do, how he can help me now and my family in the future should a need for his service arise. Our interview made me feel that he’s the lawyer I can trust to do the right thing for me and he will be there for me and my family.

As a result, I had him set up a Revocable Living Trust for me with everything set up to my satisfaction. He provided me with a well prepared portfolio containing all the necessary documents, the complete compilation of all forms for me to fill up for the information and guidance of my family and instructions for me regarding all the paper work I need to do to complete my Trust.

Now I have peace of mind regarding my Estate Planning for the rest of my life.”

Rich & Jackie Leisy Trust
“Chris is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Chris put together our trust with all associated documents quickly. His service is good value for the money.”

It was easy setting up a trust. I recommend Christopher Benson.
“Chris was recommended to us, so I’m recommending him to you. He made it very easy and understandable to set up our trust. I’ve already recommended him to friends. We had full trust in what he told us and all the confidence in his ability to do what we wanted.”

Excellent Review For Estate Planning
“We went to see Christopher Benson about establishing a living trust versus a will. He explained the pros and cons of each document to us in clear and concise terms. We chose the trust and all the various documents related to it were ready to sign within a week, Amazing. We very much recommend Mr, Benson.”
Stu and Lynne West

Regarding Probate and Real Estate
I recommend Christopher Benson.

“Chris Benson supported my family in a real estate matter recently and was efficient and effective in getting the job done. We had one meeting where a clear path forward was established based on his expertise. From there, we were kept apprised of each subsequent step via email. Additional facts were identified during the course of the work but Chris gave clear advice and provided quick follow-through to resolve each issue.”

Posted on Saturday September 2015
A Smooth and Successful Bankruptcy

“I came to Christopher Benson’s office on the recommendation of a friend’s bankruptcy attorney in another county – best decision I ever made. The office accommodates my schedule and the initial information and walk through of the process was efficient, pleasant, informative, and a great relief. As we continued through the various steps of gathering information and filing, both Cindy and Christopher are knowledgeable, pleasant, non-judgmental, and efficient in getting your case handled. You just could not ask for a better experience.”
A satisfied Client

I couldn’t be more happy!
“Chris and his team have made filing bankruptcy less stressful and have been very knowledgable and personable. He is also reliable and does what he says he’s going to do. He answered any questions I had and was patient and didn’t make me feel like he was judging me. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a legal representation, he’s fantastic!”

Posted on March 3, 2015
I recommend Christopher Benson.
“I have never needed an attorney before so when a heartbreaking family situation found me in financial crisis I didn’t know where to turn. I chose Christopher Benson because he has one of the most comprehensive web sites I found. From the first call to Cindy, his assistant, to meeting Mr. Benson, I knew I chose well. Every question was answered. Every step was mapped out in detail and most importantly I was not judged or felt like I had failed. They showed me nothing but the utmost respect and understanding. The process for my chapter 13 was quick and when Mr. Benson and I walked out of court I had a huge sigh of relief. While no one wants to go into any kind of bankruptcy, if you find you need to, I wouldn’t hesitate in contacting Christopher Benson.”
A Satisfied Client

Posted on March 4, 2015
Courteous and Patient
“The law offices of Christopher A. Benson has been excellent in guiding me through my bankruptcy filing. Chris and his staff are very courteous and patient in addressing all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend the use of his services to anyone filing bankruptcy.”
A satisfied Client


I recommend Christopher Benson.
“I was very impressed how smooth it went. Everything was explained and then there were emails with the exact things that needed to be done, so no wondering. He was always on time, friendly and professional. My brother was a mess, yet Chris treated him with respect and reassured him all the way, which helped with my frustration. A Good Guy.”

A Chapter 7 Client

“Chris was amazing! Knew what he was doing and made things run so smoothly. I never imagined filing chapter 7 bankruptcy but things happen and with Chris they went so fast!! Have sent several of my friends to see him for not only bankruptcy but housing issues too, everyone has been happy with him. Thanks for all your help Chris Benson. I was also referred to him by another attorney which is also a good sign!!”

A Chapter 7 Client

Banks Wont Help, but Chris Benson Does!
“After getting absolutely nowhere with mortgage holders on investment properties, we contacted Chris. He analyzed our situation and recommended Chapter 7. He clearly explained the impacts, process, and time lines. His office maintained good communication with us and with the banks. We followed Chris’ advice and received a discharge. If the banks wont do the right thing, then get Chris on your side.”

A Chapter 11 Client

Life Saver
“Chris Benson was very easy to work with.He guided me through the process step by step.He answered all of my questions and kept me informed.Everything went smoothly and my case was resolved in a timely manner. I really appreciate his service.”

A Chapter 7 Client

“We are so lucky to have found Chris Benson. After 6 plus months of attempting to work with a large South end based law firm we got only more stressed out financially and had no trust that we would ever see our way clear of our financial worries. One phone call (Chris actually answered his own phone) and less than 24 hours after meeting with Chris we already know that relief is short coming. All thanks to Mr Benson. We can never thank you enough…”

A Chapter 7 Client

My Guardian Angel
“Its the worst feeling in the world to get into such a financial situation, that it consumes your every minute of every day. It puts a very stressful burden on you and unfortunately the people who love you. At some point, when you have tried and tried to get out of that mess, you just need to ask yourself how much longer can i live like this. Well the morning came that i saw Chris Benson’s ad in the paper and my life will soon change, thanks to him. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and very nice man. I thank god for that newspaper add that morning, and for Chris Benson.”

A Chapter 11 Client

“Chris was a great representative. I was having multiple problems with foreclosure, IRS issues, bankruptcy and corporate filings. Chris was able to solve each issue and did do in a calm professional manner. I will use him in the future and consider him a genuine friend.”

A Bankruptcy Client

“Mr. Chris Benson is a highly qualified,professional in his field. I’ve had the fortune to work for him and use his services many times in different aspects of law. He’s been the only referral I’ve used for 18 years. I highly recommend his ability,courteous,punctual,and up to date knowledge of the ever changing laws in today’s legal system. A+!”

Excellent Lawyer

Christopher handled my Bankruptcy / Chapter 7 matter.
“If I have to recommend a bankruptcy lawyer I will highly recommend Mr Christopher Benson. He is honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable His fees is affordable, for a client like me who is having problem with money I can say I pick the right Lawyer. His team is friendly especially Miss Cindy she help me a lot and answers all my question and her Customer Service is excellent believe me on this cause I work as a Customer Service Associate at [OMITTED]. I believe He is not only a bankruptcy lawyer that’s why someday if I needed a lawyer i’ll go for Mr. Christopher Benson he passed with a flying colors.”

Very Helpful
“Going through a bankruptcy is never a fun thing, but having Chris and Cindy’s help was great. There was no pressure or anxiety in this whole process.
All questions were answered and they were there every step of the way to help me.”

Regarding Estate Planning: Wills, Living Trust, Power of Attorney
“Excellent Attorney. Even did a wonderful free presentation at my home for my circle group and friends on a Sat. He is thorough explaining things and takes the time needed to help the client understand. I recommend him very highly.”

Well taken care of
“I received step-by-step information on what I needed to do and what the proceedings would entail at the hearing. I felt reassured during the hearing process, because Chris explained all that was going to be happening. I walked out of the courtroom feeling like an anvil had been lifted off of my shoulders! I’m grateful that I can start over again with a clean slate, thanks to Chris.”

Posted on November 7, 2014
“This Law Office is very thorough and very nice. They helped me greatly to bring order from financial chaos. I feel more at ease knowing that I will recover. Thank you, Christopher.”
Alberto R.

Posted on October 20, 2014
“Christopher Benson Law office helped me recently with my financial situation. He was very informative about my options and even explained to me what future steps I could take to collect on a debt owed to me. Chris and his assistant Cindy made me feel very comfortable and made the process seem simple. They gave me peace of mind that my situation would be handled properly. I would use them again in the future and will refer them to friends and family.”
Sonja G.

Posted on November 1, 2014
“We went to Christopher Benson Law for help filing bankruptcy. We chose him in part by the excellent online reviews, and ours too has been an extremely good experience. We very much appreciate the friendly, professional help. Great communication, helping us understand what to expect at every turn. Awesome staff, always responsive to our questions and needs… Such a smooth experience we wondered why we waited so long to get help! We will definitely go back to Christopher Benson Law if a need arises, and we confidently recommend him.”
Mrs. Martin

Posted on August 4, 2014
Polite & Professional

“I don’t have anyone to compare him to but I must say that Chris is a wonderful person & lawyer. He was able to answer all questions I had and he took the time to personalize each visit. He was very kind & gentleman like. He makes sure that your case is handled professionally and makes sure that you understand everything as it comes your way. I have already recommended him to others because of his wonderful work and his genuine soul. Thanks!.”
A Chapter 13 Client

Posted on May 6, 2014
The most attentive and knowledgeable

“From the moment I first contacted the office I felt at ease. Not once did I feel like Mr. Benson was ever too busy. He and his staff were always prepared and the process went very smoothly. I felt at all times that both Mr. Benson and his staff were here to help. If ever needed I would refer my family to him, he is the best!”

Posted on Feb 17, 2014
The last Lawyer you will need! You won’t want to work with anyone else again!

“Before using Chris Benson, we had talked with two other lawyers who told us to rather abruptly “just claim bankruptcy.” To be honest we had no idea what that entailed. We had been in business for 35 years and that thought would never have entered our minds. We were humiliated, embarrassed and felt like failures. When we met Chris he was upbeat, compassionate, organized and positive.

We were treated with respect and dignity. He explained in layman’s terms what it meant to file bankruptcy how it worked and that it was for honest people like us that needed help. There were forms to fill out on line and yes it was a lot of information but it was easy to go through it online and his office staff was of great help when there were questions. When we had to appear in court Chris was there early talked with us and sat with us when we had to speak with the judge. We have recommended Chris to others – he is not just a bankruptcy lawyer. We will definitely be using Chris for our estate planning and are recommending him to our family for setting up a trust.”
A Chapter 7 Client

Posted on July 10, 2014
Simple, straightforward, fast and gets the job done right!

“Talked about the need to file bankruptcy, but when I was served with a lawsuit for medical bills I was on the phone making an appointment to meet with Chris. Best decision I have made, Chris came highly recommended to me and I was not disappointed. My husband and I were able to get in that week and start the paperwork process. Lawsuit was averted, Chris was able to answer all questions and assure us we would get through this. We were able to get that “fresh start” that you hear about and working with Chris and Cindy was a pleasure. I can’t think of any reason not to make the call and see what your options are, you have nothing to loose.”
Janet A Chapter 7 Client

Posted by on July 11, 2014
C.Benson very knowledgeable

“I have the higest respect for Christioper Benson, his knowlage of the law and helping you understand it in plain language was extreamley helpful in which plan was best for my problem. I would highly recommend him to others.”
Betsie a Chapter 13 client

In the nik of time!!!
“I was overwhelmed with my accrued debt and liabilities that were created from my ex husband. It came to a point where my wages were going to be garnished from two different sources. I have only been here in here in WA for a few years and have no family or support, was barely making it on my own and could not take the time off of work to see a lawyer much less try to pay for one. A friend at work retained Chris and he helped her, she referred me to him and he and his office were able to work with me under a strict time lime to make my Chapter 7 happen in the most efficient way possible. They were able to meet with me after hours and set a payment plan to make it happen. I am grateful for this fresh start and have and will recommend him to anyone in the same situation.”
Annette, A Chapter 7 Client

Posted on 2/22/14
I will refer my friends and family

“I used Christopher Benson Law Office’s bankruptcy service. I found Christopher and Cindy patient and helpful. There system of listing creditors online was efficient, and i could fill out on my own time. The cost was reasonable. The outcome is putting my family and myself back on track. I would use this Law Office again for other services that they offer and refer friends and family.”
Fernando O.

“I was very happy with my representation with Mr. Benson and his staff. Everything he told me he would do, he did. I have since referred friends and family. Chris Benson did my bankruptcy and was very helpful in answering all my questions and concerns no matter how insignificant they might have seemed. I would also like to say ” his staff is amazing”! If you are looking for an attorney who has experience and integrity. I highly recommend Chris Benson and his staff.”
Kim, A Chapter 7 Client

Happy Client!
“We so appreciated the timely manner in which Mr. Benson and his staff took care of our needs. He and his staff always treated us with respect and kindness. We always felt that no “question ” was to small or to big to ask and the response was with knowledge and respect. We would recommend Mr. Benson to our friends and family as a trustworthy attorney who brought calmness and reassurance during a stressful time. Thank you.”
A Bankruptcy Client

“I would recommend the attorney to anyone requiring help from him. Trustworthy, efficient, and very knowledgeable. Chris, is the best of the best! Very fast with filing and guides you accordingly. He’s fees is reasonable and walks you through the entire paper work questionnaire making sure all areas are covered.”
Josef, A Chapter 7 Client

Posted on 2/16/2014
“Christopher Benson’s Law office recently helped us through a very difficult time in our lives. He and his staff were courteous and friendly, but more importantly, the help we received was greatly appreciated. We highly recommend Mr. Benson to anyone in need of legal advice.”
Rick T

Posted on 2/15/2014
“When I walked into Christopher Benson’s office, I was very worried and stressed out about my financial situation and status of my home. When I walked out after our first appointment, I was able to let go of it and start breathing again. He and his staff were professional, knowledgeable, and most of all compassionate to my personal situation. I am so glad I chose Mr. Benson, and would have no hesitation in referring anyone to him. Thank you again for your excellent service!”
Jessica S.

Posted on June 12, 2014
“After 30 +years with the same wonderful woman and in need of protecting the joint accumulation of assets, We talked with Chris. He explained the importance of the Trust and what it could do to protect what we had worked so hard to build. My lady and I got married and she passed several years later from cancer. Having the trust established and Chris available to help thru the aftermath of a spousal death was a godsend. The complexity of the process is overwhelming and it is the last thing you need at that time of grief. The tax benefits were surprising and extremely helpful. I have enjoyed working with Chris and will continue to do so whenever the need arises.”

Someone who really cares about your situation
“My wife an I met with Chris after a recommendation from a colleague. After struggling with the aftermath of a heart attack and bypass surgery plus loss of income, we had leveraged ourselves to the hilt, spent all of our savings and were upside down in our house. We were working three jobs and still couldn’t make ends meet. We weren’t the “kind” of people who declare bankruptcy. After hearing of our plight, Chris took us through why the bankruptcy laws were crreated in the first place: to give honest people who found some hard times get a fresh start. Yet it was still a tough thing to admit. Chris was compassionate in his dealing with us; continuing to remind us that we were good people who actually had held out much longer than most. It was time to get our life back and to rid ourselves of the accumulated stress. We followed Chris’ advice to the letter and eventually filed for Chapter 7 before the foreclosure sale date on our house. 2014 will be a new beginning for us and we are appreciative to Chris for his gentle touch leading us through the process.”
a Chapter 7 client

Posted on October 31, 2013
Chris got the job done….pronto!

“Chris recognized time restraints tied to the completion of our legal work and came through with flying colors. His reputation for doing the job right and keeping the client in the loop is well deserved.”

Posted on October 4, 2013
A great attorney, so helpful and kind.

“I had to file bankruptcy and Christopher Benson helped make it seem so easy. I’d highly recommend using him.”
Charissa, A Chapter 7 Client

Well Prepared and Ready
“When I had my day in court, he had me very well prepared. Where others’ cases were delayed because they were not ready and didn’t have the right documentation…mine sailed right through. No hitches that day or afterwards. He made a painful time of my life much easier.”

Professional and Knowledgeable
“Christopher and his team helped me to file bankruptcy two years ago. At the time they were very professional, knowledgeable and were quick to respond to all of my questions and concerns. Christopher helped me to understand the entire process from start to finish. I recently had a question for Christopher and he was again very quick to reply with helpful information, even two years after he had worked with me. I would highly recommend Christopher to friends and family.”

Need a great lawyer? Christopher Benson is your man!
“Our family have used the services of Mr. Benson several times over the last few years. So very helpful, understanding, and stayed “on top” of what needed to be done. He handled the probate for a family member which had 14 heirs, it was complicated and yet the whole thing was handled in a caring yet professional way. We could never had done it without their help. They handled another probate that was again, very delicate, and we never worried. The office kept us informed as the process went along, which was priceless to our peace of mind. We have several friends which we have referred to Mr. Benson’s office to have their wills drawn up and they have been very pleased as well. Can’t say enough good things about this law firm, we will continue to use their services as need arises. Need a lawyer? Christopher Benson is your man!”
Jodie a Probate client

Law with heart
“Christopher Benson and staff are not only knowledgeable and trustworthy but extremely good at being responsive and respectful. I felt very comfortable knowing they had my best interest in mind, I was kept up to date, responded to immediately and treated wonderfully. Both Christopher Benson and his staff are very personable and communicate in an effective and caring manner. I would recommend them to anyone and will use them for any future needs.”
kasey, a Bankruptcy client

Amazing to work with!
“I know what you’re saying – all five stars so it has to be fake, right? No. At 35 years of age, I’ve only left reviews for products or services about…hmmm… 10 times? Usually, because they’re worth it. Very, very worth it. Chris and his team (thank you, Cindy!) were with me each step of the way. Chris was personable and knowledgeable and (most important) very patient. We’d met with another lawyer a bit before and she was actually antagonistic. As if we were wasting her time and were basically terrible people for filing for bankruptcy. Chris welcomed us into his office and worked us through each step and answered every single question. After passing along the important bits, his awesome assistant Cindy took over and answered all calls and emails within an hour. I kept apologizing for bothering her so much but she took it all in stride. And, at the actual hearing, Chris was on time and stood right with us – gave us plenty of information on what to expect for each particular advocate (judge? I forget what the court people were called now). Walked us back out to our car and shook our hands – case closed and bankruptcy granted. Never once did I feel like I was bothering him or his office. They even answered questions post-bankruptcy when issues came up.”
Sam, a Chapter 11 client

Breathing Room and Compassion
“Chris and his staff are non-judgmental and compassionate. They are knowledgeable and responsive. I never felt embarrassed or perceived as less than who I am even though I got myself into financial trouble. They provided me with huge relief and comfort knowing that I was no different than most people. Cindy, his front office lady is wonderful. She is so warm and very quick to reply to questions and concerns – she is great and I totally trust both her and the entire office staff with my financials.”
a Chapter 13 Client

a Chapter 7 client
“Chris and his assistants did a wonderful job on my case. I have given his name and number to everyone who asks for a referral.”

Outstanding Attorney
“I have worked with Chris Benson for almost 10 years. He has handled several different businesses and personal matters for me. I have found him to be efficient straight forward and professional. He is very good at giving you solid facts and all possibilities and helping you make the correct decision. He is comfortable and effective in the court room as well as the mediation table.”

“Perfect attorney for bankruptcy. The process is simplified and painless. Filing chapter 7 was something I never thought I would ever have to do, but the economy finally put us at the end of our rope. Chris Benson took the stress out of the situation and handled everything in a professional manner. We walked away with a piece of mind and a new beginning. This is the best thing that has happened to us in 2 years and we are excited to start building our new life. I would highly recommend choosing Chris to help see you through bankruptcy.”
Scott L.

“We had a very good experience working with Mr. Chris Benson during a stressful time. He was respectful, very knowledgeable, courteous and able to think “outside the box”. We highly recommend Mr. Benson to anyone seeking professional counsel!”
Rachid R.

“Chris Benson is a great resource for information/questions regarding anything from bankruptcy to short sales. Highly recommend.”
Rebecca R.

“After reading all of the reviews on Google, my husband and I decided to meet with Mr. Benson to ask him about the pending foreclosure of our house. I spoke with his assistant Cindy twice on the phone, she is fantastic. After meeting Mr. Benson, we would have no hesitation about recommending him to our friends and family. He gave us great advice, answered our questions, and set our minds at ease about what has been up to this point a stressful situation. If you are looking for a lawyer to answer your legal questions about foreclosure and/or bankruptcy, I would urge you to call his office and set up a consultation, we are very glad that we did.”
Amanda G.

“My family has been very happy with attorney Christopher A. Benson because he and his staff: (1) are very knowledgeable, low-key and friendly, (2) provided step-by-step, well-written instructions that covered everything that needed to be done, (3) returned our phone calls and answered our questions promptly, (4) and provided their services for a set fee, agreed upon up-front and with no additional charges.”
A Google User

“I went in feeling ashamed of myself. I left with my self esteem restored. Chris is kind, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. I feel like I am visiting a really smart and helpful friend. I can’t recommend him and his staff more highly. I am truly, truly glad I called him.”
A Google User

“Without a doubt … I made the best decision by hiring Chris Benson to help me through my bankruptcy. From my first initial meeting, he was very helpful in giving me advice on what to do, where to start, etc. He also made me feel much better about the decision of having to file, which was not easy. I had many questions after seeing him and conversed through e-mail. He was very quick at responding and thorough with his answers (and mind you, I hadn’t even retained him yet). If you’re in a position of thinking of filing or just have questions on what to do … don’t hesitate … call Chris Benson, he’s very knowledgeable in this field. You won’t be disappointed.”
A Google User

“I went in for bankruptcy and to find out my options, it was nice to talk to someone who was working with me to figure out my best option. When I left Mr. Benson’s office I felt so much better, i felt like i could take a deep breath again. When I call his office for help with collectors that will not stop calling or will not take his number down they will take all of the information I have and will call them for me. I can not say how much I would recommend Mr. Benson.”
A Google User

“Without hesitation we would utilize Mr Benson’s office again if the need arises. We had a small problem with a real estate matter. I was put off by my realtors lawyer and his advice. In less than a 24 hr period Mr Benson had researched, presented the information and had it resolved. That quick. We as well as the realtors involved were more than impressed. I highly recommend his services.”
A Google User

“I was at the end of my last nerve with being so deep in debt. I didn’t know what to do, I was advised to do Bankruptcy. But having the fear of something being on your record for 10yrs. I said *NO WAY* I will try and pay off my debts. Then when garnishments came knocking at my employer’s door. I had lost it. A family member advised me to check out Mr. Chris Benson, my first thought was “Oh, gosh what am I doing, and what negative quote am I going to get from this, which could contain another debt.” To my surprise, I walked in his office as if the devil had been riding me forever and when I stepped in his office door he (devil) was gone. We sat down talked about the Pros and Cons, and I would have to say, HECKS YES! If you are down and out, in DEBT. See Mr.Chris Benson. He is amazing, nice, respectful, helpful, confidential, he is exactly what my rating stats. WOOHOO!AS GREAT AS IT GETS!!! (Filling my Chptr7 and feeling good about the outcome, thanks to Chris) THANK YOU, MR.BENSON”
A Google User

“I really appreciate the information that Mr. Benson gave me concerning my questions about bankruptcy. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. I feel very confident that I have retained the best.”
A Google User

“The best advice my wife and I took from a friend…Would definitely recommend him to anyone who is filing bankruptcy…very knowledgeable, helpful, and experienced in handling any bankruptcy cases.”
A Google User

“Very personable staff. Chris Benson has extensive knowledge in the area of bankruptcy. He put me at ease during a stressful financial situation. I was contacted by many bankruptcy lawyers on the phone but they are in different states and there are too many scams out there to trust them. Chris is local and takes you through every step. He is caring and sincere. I would highly recommend him to anyone caught in this situation.”
A Google User

“Well, my wife and I have our lawyer now! We went to Chris Benson for help with a bankruptcy and he assisted us us through the entire procedure like a wizard. He is knowledgeable, personable and helped both of us understand the process without our feeling totally overwhelmed. He stood by us and gave us valuable information the whole way through. Both of us are extremely satisfied and we were lucky to have found him.”
A Google User

“Chris Benson and the entire staff are amazing!!! They make the entire process so simple and easy. I have used them before and have had family members and friends as well I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get debt relief. if you’re struggling from day to day give them a call they can make all of your stress just melt away in 1easy visit!!! Thanks to chris benson we are on our way to living life again 🙂”
A Google User

“The absolute best!!!! Chris handled my case with the utmost professionalism and made me feel confident that I was in good hands. It is rare to find a lawyer as good as Chris!!!! Thank you Chris!! Oh, and I have to give kudos to Cindy, Chris’ assistant you are a God sent!!!”
A Google User

“A wonderful, polite & professional lawyer. He handled every bit of detail for me and made sure I understood everything that was going on. Not only was he professional but he was always making sure I was comfortable while in his office AND waiting room. Even at the courthouse, he pulls out your chair! What a gentleman! I would trust him with any legal need and have already recommended him to others.”

“Chris is on top of his game, i saw him as east coast friendly meaning, we’re here not to mess around and get to the point. He talks you through the steps and helps you get back on track and make things better. I had a last minute issue come up right after filing bankruptcy on a car that got taken away because of filing and they wanted me to fix wear and tear on the vehicle that was taken. And filed against my insurance. So I had him add it to my debts before it was all said and done.”
Ryan P.

“Ive been working with Christopher Benson for almost a year now and it’s been such a pleasure. He’s made the process very smooth, kept me informed, and always answers my questions very promptly. Great office to work with! I highly recommend.”
Keiti K.

“He is knowledgeable, personable and very helpful. Thank you Mr. Benson!”
Ala P.

“Mr. Benson, as well as being a great attorney is very caring. He saved our home from foreclosure. He worked after hours get to complete our bankruptcy the night before it was to be auctioned off. We will be forever grateful to him.”
Saundra H.