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How Do I Find A Good Bankruptcy Attorney?

  • By: Christopher Benson
  • Published: March 28, 2015

Finding a good bankruptcy lawyer is paramount to a good outcome in your bankruptcy case. An ideal outcome in a bankruptcy case would be getting as much debt relief as possible while getting to keep as many of your assets as possible.

Your goal is to find the best experienced bankruptcy lawyer for You….Your goal should not be finding a lawyer who is average and close by.

A good bankruptcy lawyer will meet with you in person for free to help you find out your options. Therefore, you should be willing to invest some of your time to go meet with an experienced attorney to find out your financial options. Don’t let the distance you need to travel to meet with the attorney get in the way of making a smart choice.

Achieving your goal and obtaining financial relief in your life requires having a bankruptcy attorney who is well versed in the over 500-page federal bankruptcy law, your financial situation and avoids mistakes. Because in bankruptcy if you don’t comply with all the requirements, your case can be dismissed and you would not getting any financial relief.

Here’s How You Fin A Good Bankruptcy Attorney: 

1. Read the lawyer’s online reviewsThe are several sources on-line where you can read reviews posted by current and former clients of a law firm such as Google and In a matter of a few minutes, you can find compare different attorneys that you are considering meeting with in person.

2. Choose someone who has experience in bankruptcy cases. Bankruptcy law is a unique practice area of law. Because of the multiple requirements, rules and laws, it is very difficult to “stumble your way through” a case and figure it out along the way. Some mistakes are fatal. You may love your attorney. He/she may have done great work for you helping you get money for your car accident or helping with your divorce. But bankruptcy is a whole different ballgame. The bankruptcy code is dense and complicated. Your attorney needs to be someone who is knee-deep in it every day so nothing gets missed.

3. Set up an appointment for a consultation and be willing to travel to meet with the attorney. The goal is to find the best bankruptcy for you. A consultation can help you get a feel for the attorney you’ll be working with, give you a chance to explain a little bit about your case and hit the high points, and hear what the attorney has to say about how they can help. Plan to meet with two or three attorneys, ask similar questions and take notes on your meetings, then meet with someone close to you or your situation and work through their answers to help you decide who is best suited to work with you.

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