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Should I Postpone My Wedding In Order to File Bankruptcy First to Take Care of My Debts?

  • By: Christopher Benson
  • Published: May 1, 2014

A recent poll by TD Ameritrade revealed that most people would not let money troubles stand in the way of true love. Respondents were asked if issues such as bad credit, lots of debt or bankruptcy would affect their plans to marry someone.

In the poll, 32 percent said they would call off a wedding if they found out their partner was experiencing financial problems, 27 percent said they would just postpone the wedding until a better time, and 41 percent said it wouldn’t affect marriage plans at all.

Someone getting married and experiencing financial problems at the same time creates more stress. It would be a hard way to start a new marriage. Weddings are also not cheap, and if you’re trying to plan a wedding during a bankruptcy, you may be restricted as far as what you can spend, depending on the kind of bankruptcy you file.

A possible strategy is to get your financial problems resolved first by filing a bankruptcy even if it means waiting to get married after your filing is concluded means that your spending won’t be under the microscope and you’ll be free of the stress of having all that debt.

Debt incurred before the marriage stays separate. However, that doesn’t mean that the “community” becomes under stress. The best thing to do is meet with an attorney in advance, find out your options and put a game plan together.

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