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Who Will Know I Filed Bankruptcy?

  • By: Christopher Benson
  • Published: November 6, 2014

One of the biggest myths about bankruptcy is that everyone will know if you file for bankruptcy. But, a bankruptcy filing is often a non-issue for anyone not financially affected by your filing. No one who is not involved in your finances needs to know, unless you want to tell them.

Here’s a breakdown of who has a legal right to know about your bankruptcy and who does not.

Who is notified by the courts:

  • The court will notify those to whom you owe money that you have filed for bankruptcy. At this point, they can choose to attend the meeting of the creditors, they can object to the discharge of their debt, or they can do nothing.
  • Bankruptcy trustee. The court will assign you a trustee to handle your case. They will review all your forms, conduct the meeting of the creditors, and manage your estate while your case is in court. They are expected to keep all court proceedings and information about your case confidential.

Who will not know unless you choose to tell them:

  • Family members & Friends. Unless a family member has co-signed a loan for you, they will not be notified of your filing. It’s none of their business unless you want to tell them.

It is true that a bankruptcy filing is a matter of public record; however, you have to have a special Federal Pacer Information identification to access the files.

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